How Can VoIP Over WiFi Help Save Money?

by Jan 24, 2019VOICE OVER IP

How Can VoIP Save Money Over Wifi Network?

Let’s face it. The old way of doing things is fading out rapidly. This includes throwing out the old landlines and the old school way of using those pricey cellular data plans and minutes. Not to mention the hassle of long distance calling, overage charges and we all know what those bills can stack up to if you add in roaming and international data usage. When debating making a move to VoIP for my own business, I had several questions. The first thing I wanted to know is how can VoIP save money? After digging in deeper and going through the process, here is what I have learned.

So, how can VoIP save money? VoIP will eliminate your telephone line cost. This alone could shave 20-50% off your monthly phone bill. Also, VoIP is going to allow for remote employees, easy mobility and text messaging. This can all add up to substantial monthly savings.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the money savings and benefits of VoIP. Let’s cover a few other interesting facts about VoIP and how it can decrease your personal or monthly business expenditures.

Here Are Another Five Easy Ways VoIP Save Money For You Or Your Business.

1.      Texting Using VoIP- Another Nice saving

A substantial amount of the VoIP systems now also offer text messaging.  This is run through a text messaging server. This feature is going to allow two key elements that can help limit some of those extra costs.

  • Option 1- Colleagues and Co-Workers Can Communicate desk to desk throughout the office/business.
  • Option 2- Desk employees can communicate with mobile devices

Having the ability to use this feature instead of having expensive, comprehensive cellular plans that include texting VoIP save money for a substantial amount on your monthly phone/phone service bills.

2.      Ease of Use and Low Maintenance With VoIP

VoIP systems are straightforward to use and allow for high mobility. Whether it’s using the VoIP system for remote employees or remote sales reps or merely allowing you to move offices, the savings on service calls, routine maintenance, and other services can begin putting money back into your pocket.

Also, traditional phone systems often have hardware that can fail or cause issues. It’s not necessarily the service call and paying for the service that kills your budget. It’s the time of not having a properly working system that can cause severe financial strain on a business.

Within a few years, finding technicians that still understand the old school traditional systems is also going to be harder and harder to come by. It may be wise to consider making the change sooner than later to VoIP.

Another substantial benefit that ties into the mobility that VoIP allows is the ability to link and utilize mobile phone applications. If you exercise these options, you can make your mobile phone your extension for your network.  You just made your business phone line capable of sending you business related calls no matter what you’re doing and where you are.

These benefits can be especially beneficial for sales professionals in industries such as the following.

  • Insurance
  • Real-Estate
  • Any Other Outbound Sales

3.    Conference Abilities With VoIP

Conference call packages, video conferencing and other conferencing services can begin to add up on subscription-based models. Many of the VoIP systems offered today include this ability to have conferences built into the package. This is another easy spot to save a couple bucks per month. It all adds up! You can use various free programs such as Skype, JoinMe, Uber Conference and others to use VoIP to connect you seamlessly avoiding fees.

4.      Don’t Forget About Those Hardware Cost- VoIP Can Eliminate Those in A Hurry

Hardware with traditional phone systems can add up quickly. Charges from the phones themselves to using auto attendants are just a few areas where things can get costly using conventional phone systems. With VoIP, this is an entirely different story. You can now have the freedom to use the system as you please. This could be routing calls to any location. Changes can also be made in real time anytime you prefer. This considers another big point on how VoIP save money for your business.

5.      International Long-Distance Savings

Anyone who has used or still uses a traditional phone system would be willing to attest to how high rates can be for international calling and long distance calling. With VoIP, this is a non-issue. VoIP will be connecting your calls over the internet. If you are a business in this situation and using VoIP, you can kiss those long distance and international calling fees goodbye.

The Business Side Of The Equation – VoIP Save Money Over Wi-Fi For Businesses

Reducing the Need for Additional Cables

With traditional phone systems, a lot of older school installation takes place. The pesky cables and clunky hardware are not only hard to look at, but it can also add quite a bit of additional cost. When using VoIP instead, you eliminate the need for these extra cables not only making the office more visually appealing but also reducing cost. This will also eliminate troubleshooting issues in the future.

When you have fewer cables running to and from, it’s much easier to find the root of an issue within the system saving time and also VoIP save money on technician fees.

The Ability to Beef Up Your VoIP System- Free Upgrades for Everyone!

All phone systems get a bit outdated from time to time. All individuals and business owners are forced to adapt and upgrade at one point or another. When using traditional phone systems, this can get costly and time-consuming to swap all hardware and components that are included.

With VoIP, your upgrades are often provided by your VoIP provider of choice.  This gives you easy access to upgrading to the best equipment and software with a simple phone call. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The Additional Goodies That VoIP Can Provide for Your Business

VoIP also can come with other features that can provide a significant boost to your businesses. Here’s a look at some other free goodies that can start saving you time while making your business look like a well-established fortune 500 company.

  • Music Playing While Your Caller Is on Hold
  • Auto Assistant Features
  • Call Routing/ Call Re-Routing
  • Find Me- Follow Me Features

Some of these features although not 100% necessary can go a long way making you standout to prospects or inbound calls. For the cost of these services being built into VoIP package as opposed to paying for these individuals on traditional phone service, it’s something not to overlook or take for granted when making your final determination about which system to use.

A Caveat of Business VoIP Over Wi-Fi – Be Careful with A Few Considerations

Although VoIP save money is going to continue to improve, progress and develop new algorithms making it even more ground-breaking technology, it does still currently have a few downfalls. Fortunately, none of these downfalls are related to cost.  The cost will always be reduced and overall a better financial decision to make for your business. Here are 3 Additional things to make sure are in order before leaping VoIP.

1.      Be Sure to Have Strong Internet Connection

At this point, we understand that VOIP runs off the internet and internet only so connection and speed are imperative to a smooth-running system. If you lose internet or are in an area with a spotty connection, VOIP may need to be put on the backburner to ensure you still have full call capabilities when required.

2.      Storms Do Happen, and The Power Does Go Out

It’s tough to envision a world we could live in where power would never be lost. It does still happen depending on the circumstances. Be sure to understand that if the power does go out, your VOIP phone system will not function during these times.

3.      Lagging Calls and Disconnects

This directly ties into your internet connection as well. If you have a reliable internet connection with enough bandwidth, call lags or call latency should not pose any problems for you.

Don’t Be Mistaken, VoIP Still Wins the Contest – By a Long Shot

If you look at the problems we just listed above, it’s apparent that reliable and stable internet is needed. If this requirement is met, you can’t beat using VOIP over using a traditional phone system.  It reduces to much cost and has too many built-in benefits.  A conventional phone system would also be down during a power outage, so the only alternative in that situation is to use cellular networks to make your calls.

Putting It All Together- VoIP Save Money And  Reduce Strain on The Personal or Business Pocket Book

If you haven’t investigated VoIP at this point in your business or even personal life, it’s probably time to start doing some research and considering the switch. Not only will you gain the benefits of the system itself, but you will enjoy the substantial money savings and problematic issues that you might be used to having with your traditional phone systems. VoIP is 100% the future of calling for personal and business-related use.