MINISO, a lifestyle brand from Japan.

MINISO, a lifestyle brand from Japan, is dominating the high-quality, low-cost retail goods industry. Featuring everything from cell phone cases to handbags, makeup to fashion, the global giant hits the perfect mix of affordable goods with that crave-worthy cute and tech-forward Japanese touch. MINISO has more than 1,800 stores worldwide and revenues in excess of $1 Billion CAD. Not bad for a company that launched in 2013!

MINISO plans to open 6,000 stores around the world by 2020, at a pace of 80-100 openings a month. Here in Canada, that means up to 50 stores between 2017 and 2018. The major Canadian markets are Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, but more markets, and as many as 500 more stores, are planned for Canada in the not-so-distant future.

When MINISO landed in Toronto, the brand knew it needed a reliable phone system that took into account its international status, along with communication among staff, clients, shippers, receivers, and vendors. A global chain this large cannot afford a cumbersome, expensive phone system that is limited in terms of long distance calling or conferencing. This is why the brand turned to GenVoice.

GenVoice’s cloud-based business phone system allows MINISO to connect with ease, regardless of if the Toronto base is calling Japan or a local branch. Free conference calls and no-fee long distance in North America, along with very competitive international rates and a ton of phone features, ensures MINISO can stay connected efficiently – and with less overhead.

Best of all, GenVoice’s solution for MINISO is completely scalable; as the brand continues to grow, they can add the features and lines they need to their existing system. They won’t have to change, and learn, a new system.

GenVoice is pleased to offer cloud-based business phone solutions to companies like MINISO, be they a global brand or a local force to be reckoned with.