Great Phone Features To Conducting Business

GenVoice offers over 40 business phone system features. These features are important for your business because they will allow you to scale your business with ease. Many of these features will also help with productivity and efficiency in managing your business. Whether you want to set up a virtual call center or operate a highly effective sales team, our service provides the features to meet your needs. Check out the many features we offer and let us know how we can help you meet your business needs.

Business Phone System Features, Essentials

This is the list that shows you the essential business phone system features, from legacy PBX system to cutting edge cloud-based business phone system, these features are mandatory for a business!

Unlimited Extensions

Unlimited extensions for either departments or persons. There is no longer a license issue with limited extensions.

Administration Portal

The administration portal will allow you to fully manage the phone system and monitor all call statistics.

Call Transfer

You will be able to transfer existing phone calls to different phones, departments or a specific person’s cell phone.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to salesperson’s mobile number so that they can take care of customers even when away from the desk.

Call Waiting

Put calls on another line while accepting other calls. Eliminate dropped calls and frustration with calls not coming through.

Call Parking

Park a call to a “slot”, like parking a car to a parking slot. Just drive the car when you are available or someone can help.

Call Hunting

An incoming call can be programmed to ring on several numbers till any one phone is picked up.

Ring Group

A great way to distribute incoming calls for specific departments or teams in the business.

Music on Hold

Let the customers enjoy music or promotional message while putting them on hold.

Personal Greeting

Record personal greetings for your voicemail. Use this option to let the customers know your situation.


A caller can leave a voice message when calls aren’t answered.

Voicemail to Email

When receiving a voice mail, it will automatically send to the associated email address so that you can check it directly from your inbox.

Business Phone System Features, Generals

This list below will show some general items, that help business to be more productive. By understanding them, you will know what is needed either for a local business or global business. 

Local Numbers

Local numbers get your business to look more trustworthy with people in the surrounding areas.

Toll Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers to use for providing professional customer service. Gives your business a professional appearance.

Business Hours

Route incoming calls to a different phone number or automates the announcement if out of business hours.

Caller ID Display

View information about incoming calls before accepting them. You will be able to see callers names, and phone numbers.

Address Book

Save and manage business contacts and customer information easily.


Support for emergency 911 calls. E911 stands for Enhanced 911.

Number Porting

Transfer the existing number from a different provider. We help to handle number porting processes automatically.

International Calling

Business sometimes needs international calls, we don’t unlock you dialing international numbers and the rate is also competitive.

Business Phone  System Features for Professionals

A set of professional features for a phone system, understand them so you could get the business phone system works as you expected.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Scale the business without worrying about losing opportunities because of the limitation of concurrent calls.

Conference Rooms

Business is all about sharing ideas with people, a call conference room is ideal when you need to talk to more than one person.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant is an “AI” receptionist 7/24 for your business.  She can help redirect calls to the right person in the business entirety.

IVR Nodes

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. IVR nodes can be configured to operate interact with integrated applications such as a billing system.

Intercom Paging

Intercom call is like one to many, such as a speaker in a room. This allows you to reach multiple people at the same time.


This is an online fax feature. Use eFax to fax your documents using the Internet rather than needing to use outdated fax machines.

Directory Dial By Name

Callers Could reach a specific person in your company dialing by name, just key in the first couple of letters of the person they are trying to reach.

Blacklist Numbers

Block unwanted calls. There are lots of telemarketers and robo dialers calling multiple times every day. Send them to your blacklist and block them out.

Intra-Domain Calls

For multiple branches, such as franchise business, there is no limitation on blocking calling from one store to another.

Business Phone System Features for Lite Version Call Center

Create a lite version call center with GenVoice cloud-based telecom infrastructure. Hire and use employees from multiple countries. Lower overhead costs by cutting out expensive physical call centers.

Call Queues

Manage and organize incoming calls in queue efficiently. This allows the business to handle calls in a fair ensures the customers stay happy.


Save a place in the queue while being able to end the call. An automated callback at a later time according to the place in the queue.

Skill based Routing

Assign incoming calls to the most suitable agent to reduce caller wait times and increase resolution speed.

Call analytics

Analyst data about campaigns and measure performance on calls, track calls coming in from various ads, and other sources.

Call Monitoring

Monitor agents call to improve agent performance. Use call monitoring to observe how well agents interact with customers on the phone.

Call Recording

Record calls to keep records of important information. Calls can be recorded and reviewed when needed.

Click to Dial

Make calls with an easy click to dial, this feature is used to reduce dialing time and increase dial accuracy to save agents working time.

Call Logs

It’s important to have accurate data on the business phone calls. The system stores call logs that saves vital information through the phone system.

Call Notification

Receive notifications about incoming calls, so you can accept calls when working on other tasks.

Business Phone System Features, Integration With Other Business Tools

Integrate GenVoice business phone system with other applications using standard REST-API, such as Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Hubspot. Increase business productivity with seamless integration just a click away.


REST-API allows the phone system to integrate with other applications over the internet. So we are not alone anymore.

Real-time HTTP Callbacks

Real-time HTTP callbacks allow configuring applications to take specific actions based on the incoming data to automate business productivity.


Webhooks allows apps to provide other apps with real-time information to tracking or acting business logic.