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RE/MAX®, Canada’s top 1 real estate company, faces a high volume of daily calls, prompting the need for enhanced efficiency. To overcome the limitations of a land-only phone system, GenVoice introduced a cloud-based solution. Offering unlimited extensions and over 40 customizable functions, RE/MAX agents can seamlessly answer calls forwarded from any office, synchronize communications across various devices. Respond promptly to messages from platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger via GenVoice’s SMS center function. GenVoice’s system facilitates easy internal and external communication, enhancing right on time customer service, which is crucial in the real estate industry. With GenVoice, RE/MAX Canada maintains its industry leadership through secure, agile, and efficient communication practices.

Carry Telecom (CarryTel) is a Canadian Internet Service Provider (ISP) primarily offering high-speed internet services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding regions. Carry Telecom’s telecommunications data center is recognized as one of the most stable in Canada. The call center currently has over 60 seats, supporting local numbers nationwide, handling calls totaling several hundred thousand minutes per month. GenVoice provides comprehensive technical support for CarryTel’s call center, delivering clear and stable voice services to customers for multiple consecutive years.

MINISO has emerged as a dominant force in the high-quality, low-cost retail sector, boasting a diverse product range from cell phone cases to fashion. With over 1,800 global stores and revenues surpassing $1 billion CAD. Upon expanding to Toronto, the brand recognized the necessity of a reliable phone system to cater to its international operations and facilitate communication. MINISO embraced GenVoice, a cloud-based business phone system that ensures seamless connectivity globally. Offering free conference calls, no-fee North American long-distance, competitive international rates, and a plethora of features, GenVoice’s solution is efficient, cost-effective, and our scalability aligns perfectly with MINISO’s global growth trajectory.

51.CA is a pivotal mainstream community media outlet for the Chinese community, offering crucial information and services to new immigrants. Initially, 51.CA utilized a conventional PBX system for managing company phone operations. With accelerated business growth, the company sought a swifter, more efficient, and cost-effective solution. GenVoice provided 51.CA with a cloud communication solution, eliminated the need for the company to invest in, maintain, and upgrade servers. The solution incorporates off-site backups for a rapid recovery in case of facility damage, ensuring data security. Notably, GenVoice enabled 51.CA to achieve a 60% annual cost saving compared to traditional methods of equipment upgrades and maintenance.

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