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Every technology revolution will bring the discussion of costs reducing and productivity-boosting in many industries. Now, let GenVoice assist you to step into the cloud-based communications area and see how significant your businesses will be uplifted. We know how the traditional Phone system let you struggle.

Powerful But Simple


  • “Heavy-Duty” Servers
  • Expensive Equipment
  • Cost for More Features(Liscense)


  • No hardware needed
  • Graphic user interface management
  • More than 40 free features present your business with professionalism

Your Affordable VoIP Service

Welcome to GenVoice, Toronto’s go-to destination for cloud phone systems, business VoIP systems, and SIP trunk technology. We make phone systems simple, scalable, and affordable. Unlike land-based phones, our cloud phone systems link your communications to your internet connection while still giving you all the benefits of traditional phones – you get much more for much less! In fact, our plans start at as low as $9.99/month and come with over 40 free features that will help your business succeed.


Flexible But Scalable


  • Long-term contract
  • Complex design
  • Hard to move
  • Limited scalability


  • The smart plan starts as low as a $9.99/mth
  • Set up in minutes then ring
  • Move to anywhere with you
  • Plug and call, no limitation on extensions

Business VoIP and the Future of Business

More and more, business is done over the internet. Your inbox is a testament to how much work is completed through emails and messages, but the phone is still integral to communicating. Whether it’s conference calls, cold calls, or catching up with a favourite client, the phone still brings something that other communication simply cannot. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be the same as in the past.

Business VoIP services are about bringing the phone into the modern age of communication by making phones more affordable, more functional, and more flexible. Rather than having innumerable cords running throughout your office, our VoIP services in Toronto outfit your company with a reliable, wireless phone network that lets you add and take away lines as you need. No more unnecessary hardware, no more cords, and no more long-term contracts. Instead, get a phone plan that gives you the freedom to grow.

Customizable but affordable


  • Out of box solution, no API avaiable
  • High IT maintenance and professional service cost
  • Tracking calls? No way!
  • Multiple sites, mutiple costs


  • Integrate with any system with GenVoice API
  • The dedicated professional team provide Immediate and personalized support for free visible call analyst
  • One system covers all of your sites

A Cloud Phone System for You

Unlike regular phones or even older-style VoIP phone systems, our cloud-based phone system takes the hardware out of your office and puts it on the cloud. So instead of having an expensive server on site, your entire phone system is maintained and held elsewhere, all while providing the same level of reliability and service that you need.

GenVoice can also offer SIP trunk services that can dramatically decrease your phone bill. Instead of relying on multiple lines, SIP trucking takes your phones and puts them through a single service. You can still have all the extensions you need, but without the excess wiring or paying the phone company for multiple numbers.

International Calls for Much Less with Business VoIP

Business today is increasingly international and with that, more and more communications are skipping over to other continents. With our VoIP services, you can get free calling throughout North America and significantly lower international rates. By using the internet instead of land-based phone lines, calls are much less expensive, helping you stay in contact with international business without breaking the bank.

At GenVoice, we offer flexible, powerful solutions for businesses in Toronto thanks to our state-of-the-art technology. Contact us today to discover how a VoIP reseller can help your business succeed while saving you money.



市面上的网线分类五花八门,价格差距很大。企业应该如何选择? 企业组网网线的选择 企业组网的网线可以按照以下要点选择:   1. 网线材质 首先企业选择网线最重要的指标,其实是材质。网线的材质主要会影响寿命,例如铜包铝(CCA /copper-clad aluminum)的网线只用寿命只有十年,而纯铜(Pure Copper)的网线往往可以长时间使用。因此企业布网,纯铜网线应该是您的首选。当然纯铜网线的价格也相对较高,但长远来看,其它材质的维护成本会更高。   2. 网线的性能分类...


WiFi设备选型直接影响到无线网络的性能、覆盖范围、可靠性和安全性。下面我们按照设备分类来讲解 AP无线接入点(Access Point) 什么是AP AP无线接入点(Access Point)是一个无线网络的接入点,也就是为我们提供WiFi的设备。家庭用的一体机中通常内置AP功能,而企业一般需要使用多个AP配合AC控制器来组建无线网。胖AP(Thin AP / TAP),瘦AP(Fat AP / FAP) AP无线接入点里面分为瘦AP和胖AP。这两种AP的区别是,胖AP里面包含了AC控制器(Access...


交换机在家庭网络中并不常见,但对于企业来说却起着至关重要的作用。那到底什么是交换机呢? 什么是交换机(Switch)? 网络交换机(Switch)最重要的功能是扩展网络接口。通常上联到路由器,下联到各个网络设备。对比路由器上提供的几个网口是远远不够的,所以企业需要交换机来提供更多网口。那么企业应该如何选择交换机呢? 网络交换机的分类和选择 交换机可以按照以下要点选择:   1. 端口数量...


目前的网络时代,路由器目前已经普及千家万户了,相信大家并不陌生。但企业要如何选择路由器?下面关于路由器我们先来简单科普一下。 什么是路由器(Router)? 路由器的核心功能是数据包路由和转发,它接收来自各个网络节点的数据包,并根据路由表将这些数据包转发到目标网络。...


加拿大地区常见的企业联网方式有很多,常见的有Bell 为代表的ADSL(电话线上网),Rogers为代表的同轴电缆(Coaxial Cables以前的有线电视网络),光纤宽带(fiber optic),卫星锅(Satellite Dish卫星电视接收器),专线网络等(Private Network)。宽带方案的选择直接影响到业务的运行和员工效率,特别是对很多数据依赖型企业来说。在比较不同联网方式的优略之前,我们先来普几个和宽带相关的概念。 一些宽带和网络相关的概念 1. 带宽(Bandwidth):...

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