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What Is Mobile Phone PBX System

If you think using a PBX phone system is a complicated task and has many requirements and costs, this article will change your mind. Get the best of technology and unleash the strengths of your cell phone; PBX systems can now be integrated directly to your mobile phone!

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How Much Data Does VoIP Use

The short answer is: “it depends”. VoIP data consumption ranges between 0.5 megabytes (MB) per minute of call (on the G.729 codec) and 1.3 MB/minute on G.711. This number fluctuates based on the technology employed by the VoIP provider as well as the caller’s use habit.

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What Is a Business Telephone System?

Today, the Internet has made it much easier for companies to create a business telephone system that works for them. Whether it’s an IP PBX system, a VoIP system—or today’s modern marvel—the cloud-based business telephone system, there are many options no matter the size and scale of your business.

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Understanding SIP Trunking and Its Benefits

When it comes to saving money and increasing efficiency with your phones, there is no better option than making the switch to SIP trunking. This connection protocol has been changing how we make and take calls for a couple of decades, but many people still do not...

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