Can iTalkBB phone used for business?

In this era where communication technology is rapidly changing and advancing, you have several options to proceed. If you start a new business, you should consider setting up a good communication infrastructure. Initially you are swimming in a pool of acronyms and companies that provide just so. However, which one to pick? Which one would best serve your needs?  This article focuses on one such service provider, iTalkBB. As we unfold, it will explain in further details what it is, how it works and most importantly, if this is suitable for your enterprise.

What is iTalkBB?

ITalkBB is a telephone service provided to people for use in ordinary households. It has many features that would benefit you. ITalkBB business phone lets you make international calls at cheap rates and has very lucrative packages. If you are someone, who makes plenty of international calls to people who live abroad, or deal with business in China or Taiwan, then ITalkBB is for you. The matter of concern is whether iTalkBB is suitable for businesses.

Can iTalkBB be used for businesses?

Now we have had an in-depth analysis of the iTalkBB sim cards and app. Although there are a dozen features that suggest it suitable for this cause, it is just not apt for business purposes. There are plenty of reasons to support it.

Designed for homes

iTalkBB is specially designed for use at homes. This is suitable for people who have many relatives living abroad. You can also use this to contact your business people from home. Nevertheless, solely purchasing this for business is not a good idea. If you still have work from office when you reach home, then you can use this for external communication purposes.

Not for large-scale operation

The features that come with iTalkBB are not suitable for large-scale operation. For your information, you can connect it in only one device at a time. This is not a multi-network system that will keep the personnel of your company interconnected. The operations are much smaller in ratio for business purposes.

Limited functionality

Although there are various features of the iTalkBB sim card and app, this will never be sufficient in a professional workplace. A professional workplace communication system requires much more than this. These features will look insufficient and incomplete in a workplace. These are more suitable for domestic households who opt for an advanced telecommunication system.

Better options

For many small enterprises, this may seem like a good option. However, although it might serve your purpose in the short run, you will be bound to switch to something else in the end. For one thing, this provides no scope for scalability within your business. Additionally, many other similar services are designed for use within small businesses. They also come at a very cheap and affordable price. Thus, you have many better options. 

Features of iTalkBB

ITalkBB has many features that make it an attractive phone plan:

30-day free trial

With ITalkBB you have the option of a 30-day free trial. If you are not sure about its final purchase and installment, this feature will come handy. You can install iTalkBB on a trial option for 30 days. Then, if you are not satisfied with their services, you can switch to another telephone service. This also comes with a refund policy. If you discontinue their services within the trial period, which is one month, you have the scope of getting all of your money back. Why pay for something you will not be using?

Free number transfer

ITalkBB gives you the opportunity to transfer your number freely. It will port your home phone number to that of iTalkBB. This does not require any additional costs. Rather, this is a smooth and effortless way of a port in. You do not have to face any sort of an additional hassle to port in your old number to your new account. 

Free Mobile App

iTalkBB has its own app. This is available for both Android and iOS, respectively in Google Play Store and the App store. You can download directly or scan the QR code that is available on their website. This app will allow users of iTalkBB to make international calls directly from their phones. Dialing is easy; you can either dial the number directly from the keypad or choose a number from the app’s contact book. You can also choose how to conduct the call. You can choose from Wi-Fi, mobile data or mobile minutes call. The greatest advantage of the app is it allows you to make international calls directly!

Call waiting and call forwarding

iTalkBB comes with many features. Some of these features are very useful such as the call-waiting feature. To draw an illustration, if you are already on a call and a second call comes in, you have two options. You can either end the current call or answer that one, or you can just avoid the second call and remain on the first one. Either way, you do not have to miss any of the calls.

The other feature is call forwarding. Using iTalkBB, you can forward your calls to a different number. If for any reason you are not available in your iTalkBB number at a given time, then you can forward the call to a different number. Both these features ensure you never have to miss a call again.

Caller ID and three-way calling

iTalkBB brings with it more calling features, one such is the caller ID. As an illustration, Caller id displays the name of the caller on your screen when there is an incoming call. You will know precisely who is calling from the other side and how important it is. The three-way calling feature works as a conference call. While two people are already conversing, iTalkBB lets you add a third party to the conversation.  

Connecting your three-way call involves some easy steps. First, dial the number of your first caller in a regular way, as you would for any call. Next, press the “answer” key or the “flash” key. After that, you will hear a dial tone. Once you hear a dial tone, put in the telephone number of the third party in the conversation. After putting in the third party number, the last step is to press the dial key or the flash key once again. Then, you have connected yourself to a three-way caller!

Voice mail and fax

iTalkBB ensures that you never have to miss an important call. A further effort to ensure this is the voice mail feature. If you are not available in your phone, and you choose not to forward, the call will automatically go to voicemail. This way, the caller can leave a voice message and you can check back on it once you are available. You can also use this feature via email. As for fax, with iTalkBB you get a free domestic fax service. With this feature, you can send, receive and check fax at your convenience and place.     

Cheap calls from China and Taiwan

China and Taiwan are two of the biggest and most proliferating business hubs in the world. ITalkBB provides useful features to connect easily with both these countries. Especially for Chinese numbers, it provides an 11-digit virtual China phone number. Using this number, your friends and family in China can contact you directly as if they were calling a local phone number.

Furthermore, it provides each user with a Taiwan local phone number free of cost. With this option, you can contact people of these two countries at toll-free rates. This will substantially reduce the costs of international communication for both the parties.

E911 Emergency and free in network

iTalkBB makes calling 911 and other emergency services easier than ever. Whenever you land in an emergency, iTalkBB will take care of your safety. Firstly, it has a special emergency call service. Secondly, if you call using that service, iTalkBB will readily transfer your address and contact information to the receiver. This will speed up your process in the situation.

Additionally, iTalkBB provides free in-network calls. You can call your friends and family within your network using this number, for toll-free! Even for business purposes, this will reduce costs considerably.    

ITalkBB call plans

ITalkBB provides you with lucrative plans. It ensures you get a premium service for a reasonable budget. There are essentially two plans you can choose from. The first is $4.99/month scheme known as the “best value plan”. This will allow you to make calls anytime and anywhere. This will also entitle you to a free China local number for 6 months. Furthermore, the calls will cost you only 2 cents per minute to countries including the U.S, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The other monthly plan is of $24.99 per month also referred to as the “global unlimited plan”. This has some advanced perks. First, you get a free China virtual phone number for 12 months straight. Second, you can make international calls for free in 29 countries and regions including major countries such as the U.S, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Both these plans have a guaranteed money refund policy. Furthermore, no matter which plan you choose, usage in the first three months is completely free. 

ITalkBB China Sim

China is one of the few countries in the world restricting common social media platforms. These include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, KaKao Talk, Signal and Snapchat. So, for business and personal purposes, it is very important that you have a virtual Chinese phone number.

Upon your arrival in China, you can insert this sim into your mobile device and enjoy the benefits of calling freely like any other local number. iTalkBB China sim does not only provide services of local China sim, but their scope is beyond that. With this, you will get extraordinary features and options that are not common even within Chinese sim cards.

One of the most obvious advantages is that it saves cost. You no longer have to pay roaming fees or international call charges. The following is a few additional information if you are planning to use the iTalkBB as a local sim card in China:

SMS and call forward

You must keep in mind that once you arrive in China and insert your iTalkBB sim in your mobile phone, these features will be automatically deactivated. With this sim inside, you will not be able to use SMS and call forwarding features. However, you can enjoy talk, text and data locally in China.

Local calls

With an iTalkBB sim card in China, you get the benefits of calling locally. Thus, all incoming phone calls are free of charge. Outgoing phone calls are charged at unbelievably low rates. In addition, you can purchase or subscribe to a China travel plan based on your usage.

Message and Data

You can also send and receive instant messages. Incoming messages are completely free. The charge on outgoing messages is extremely low. It will only cost you CAD $0.03 per outgoing message. You can also use mobile data at 3G network within a bare minimum charge. For data packs. You can purchase a plan that suits your needs.

For iTalkBB, you can also have back up plans for call forwarding. For example, you do not have sufficient minutes but you need to forward an important call. Your call will be forwarded using the iTalkBB app and you can get back to them once you are connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

In conclusion

iTalkBB provides amazing service. However, it is better off for use at home and not in the business world. Despite the fact, you can use it for small businesses; you will have to switch to something better and more suited later. Thus, it is best to not waste time and money and rather opt for the best option from the beginning.