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The Economic Climate of China

The economy of China has been growing positively for over three decades now. There seems to be no stopping to it. If it continues at this rate, then China’s economy has a great chance to become the world’s largest within the next decade. China’s economy is flourishing and thriving in all areas of business, especially in the secondary sector, which is the manufacturing of goods. No wonder most products you see at your house have the label “made in China.” so getting a china phone number and doing business with the Chinese people are becoming more and more important for all business entities.

It also has a tremendously large labor force that is a massive part of the economy. It has the ability and confidence to survive external economic downturns and come out well, if not better. For example, the 2008 economic crunch where it managed to keep a stable economic condition and good GDP growth.

With a nation so lucrative, businesses are attracted to trade with them. That is exactly what is happening. China’s top ten trading partners are the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Germany, India, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Singapore. To put into perspective, China is the world’s largest exporter, and most of these exports go to Asian, North American and European countries. It is a great player in the globalization scenario.

Why get a virtual Chinese phone number?

With China’s thriving economic status, countries and businesses are bound to trade with it. I am sure we all have an uncle who frequently visits China due to trading purposes. And why not? It is profitable and a reliable way to earn money. With such conditions arises the need for a virtual Chinese phone number. This will come handy while trading with the Chinese people.

Virtual phone numbers are a shared phone line that connects people in businesses worldwide. It does not require a hardware line, unlike the traditional phone lines. These virtual phone numbers are usually of very low cost and toll-free. They are also known as China VoIP numbers, or China DID numbers.

Virtual phone numbers help to eliminate the need to be tied to a specific phone device or phone. Other than removing these tied down drawbacks, virtual phone numbers offer many other services, such as call conferencing, IVR, call recording, sending voicemail and global call forwarding. As a businessperson, you can achieve all these functionalities for almost free of cost by using a virtual China phone number. This makes trading a lot easier and cheaper.

Doing business with the world second largest economy

Despite China being the perfect place to conduct business and offering benefits that other countries do not, it has a huge drawback. This is also one of the main reasons why trading in or with China requires a virtual phone number in the first place. The globalization of communication is created by the rapid growth and use of social media. You can call easily using many platforms. The most common ones are Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, We Chat, Line, Snapchat and Skype. However, China does not offer the scope for using such facilities.

Consider this the Great Wall of China evolving into an internet version known as the “Great Firewall Web Filter.” Despite all these barricades set by the government, they do not affect the Chinese people much. They have other local alternatives to communicate at low costs, and most of the banned applications and websites are not in their native language. Some of the sites are used for calling but are blocked in China are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, KaKao Talk, Signal and Snapchat.

China has a set of strict policies and rules regarding trading. This makes conducting business in China very difficult. Following the rules will keep you safe. In this case, using virtual phone numbers will help you.

How to get a virtual China phone number?

Step 1: you need to visit the website of a reputed virtual phone company. Do your research, ask around and avoid falling prey to fraudulent websites online. In this way, you will lose money and get nothing in return.

Step 2: choose the area code of the location where you need the virtual phone number. For example, for Beijing, +86 is the country code, and 001 is the code for Beijing.

Step 3:  Select your desired China Phone Number from the list of options which will be provided and link the virtual number to the desired number.

Step 4: Finally, you will need to add users to the virtual phone system. These are the users who can make or receive calls. After that, the incoming calls from those numbers will be directed to your Chinese number.

Area codes of China

Calling in landline and in a cellphone is China is quite different. The composition of numbers is also distinct. In China, landline phone numbers have an area code attached to them where as cell phone numbers do not. The number of digits in a mobile phone number is always the same; eleven. For landline, the digits differ from major to minor cities. In major cities, they use a two-digit area code followed by an eight-digit number and in other places; the number consists of a three-digit area code followed by a seven-digit number.

The international exit code is the number that is used to dial an international number. The format of the number should be as such:

  • First, dial the country exit code.
  • Then the country code for China, which is 86.
  • After that, insert the area code.
  • Finally, add the number.

For instance, to make a call from the US to a landline in Guangzhou the number should be: 011 86 20 XXXX XXXX.

The following table summarizes the area codes for the most important places in China and the exit codes for the top ten countries that trade with China.


Chinese State Area Code
Beijing 10
Shanghai 21
Shenzhen 755
Luoyang 379
Lanzhou 931
Jinan 531
Huangshan 559
Hangzhou 571
Guangzhou 20
Chengdu 28