How To Get A Virtual USA Phone Number?

Get a secondary virtual USA phone number is incredibly handy for several reasons. They let you forward calls outside of a specific phone line or device. They can also link your office representatives in other cities or states. Even if everyone is in the same office, various departments like support and sales are now more closely unified.

If your company’s office is in a country outside of the United States, you may want a virtual number for a different reason: to progress your business in the US without being stationed there.

In this article, we’ll explain what a virtual USA phone number is. We’ll also go step-by-step into how to set up such a service in your office. By the time you’re done the reading, you should know whether one of these US-based virtual numbers is the right choice for your company.

Do I Need a Virtual USA Phone Number?

How do you know if a virtual USA number is right for your business?

Before you make your decision, you have to determine if the service fits within your budget. Adding a virtual number often isn’t very expensive, but you may incur inbound call fees for some services, so be careful.

Secondly, you have to think about your company’s long-term growth. For many businesses stationed outside of the US, having a perceived US presence bolsters their credibility. It also allows them to expand their business to this region.

The US is one of the most prominent professional hubs in the world, so missing out on doing business in this country can harm your company more than it helps. However, you don’t quite have the budget to open a headquarters in the US. With a virtual US-based phone number, you can bridge that gap.

If having one of these numbers opens doors that had otherwise been closed to you, then we think it’s a great idea to seriously think about buying a virtual USA phone number.

How to Get a Virtual USA Phone Number

After reading to this point, you’ve decided you want a virtual US-based phone number for your business. How do you go about getting one?

Here are some steps to follow.

Step #1: Select your vendor. There are many services that provide a virtual phone number for doing business in the US. These include, CallHippo, Kall8, and M800. There are others still, but those are some of the better-known ones.

Some offer their services for free while others charge monthly or annually. As mentioned in the last section, be wary of hidden fees like inbound calling charges.

Step #2: Decide whether you want a toll-free or a local number.

Step #3: Then, select your area code. If you’re trying to expand your business into New York, for instance, you might choose an area code based in New York City.

Step #4: Pick your phone number. Not all services require you to get a new phone number, so you might be able to use the same one you already have. Your other options for a phone number include:

  • Standard numbers: Generic, toll-free numbers
  • Repeater numbers: These have several of the same digits for a more memorable phone number
  • Premium numbers: A cross between standard and repeater numbers that comes at a higher price
  • Vanity numbers: A 1-800 number that’s branded to your business

Step #5: As needed, create user accounts for all members of your office that will use the digital phone service.

You’re all set! Creating your own virtual USA phone number is quick and easy. With most services charging between $4 and $6 a month for base services, it’s an inexpensive business decision as well.



A virtual USA phone number gives businesses in other countries a US-based digital phone line. This is all done via VoIP. There are countless US-based virtual phone services out there for you to choose from. No matter which you pick, having a virtual USA phone number can be a great way to grow your business.