51.CA Media Group, A digital media services of weekly news, apps, and chats, to Canada’s Chinese community.

Since 2001, 51.CA Media Group has been providing digital media services, such as weekly news, apps, and chats, to Canada’s Chinese immigrant population. 51.CA has grown to become Canada’s largest Chinese website, and it has become an important hub for information, job searching, blogs, user reviews, online shopping, and more. The site has continued expansion plans in app development to further help Chinese immigrants who are new to Canada get settled, find work, and engage in the community.

Previously, 51.CA deployed a traditional contact centre (PBX, on-site) model to handle its many incoming calls. Due to rapid growth, however, the company needed a fast and reliable upgrade.

GenVoice introduced 51.CA to a cloud communication solution, which ultimately saved 51.CA thousands of dollars in time, upgrades, and equipment. With this solution, the company did not need to purchase, maintain, and constantly upgrade servers. The off-site servers are located in an incredibly secure facility; 51.CA simply plugged into the cloud-based model using a phone-based system.

Now 51.CA has the time and resources to continue its expansion with greater efficiency. Its agents have increased productivity and can respond to calls and queries faster. Data is also collected and backed up off-site, ensuring complete restorability if the 51.CA facility is damaged by fire or natural disaster. The data is also safe from hacking, and the servers are not susceptible to theft. Best of all, the company’s data bill has been reduced by over 60 percent!  

51.CA performs a very important service in the community and is one of Canada’s best resources for Chinese people who are new to the country. Thanks to our cloud solutions, 51.CA can continue to offer its services to a greater selection of its target audience.