8 Reasons To Use A Cloud Phone System


Eight Reasons To Choose A Cloud Phone System

Business is still done over the phone, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to rely on outdated technology. That is why more and more businesses are turning to cloud-based phone systems to save money and run more efficiently. Here are just eight reasons why you will want to switch to a cloud phone system.

Installing the latest technology as we know a cloud phone system in your office has many reasons and benefits. With the latest and best facilities, you can carry out your work procedures efficiently and smoothly. Furthermore, it will be helpful for employees at every level of the hierarchy. PBX phone systems are one such facility that will improve productivity. You can install a cloud phone system to achieve better forms of communication.

What Is A Phone System?

A phone system is a telephone network used within organizations to keep the employers and employees interconnect. It is also useing for external communication with suppliers, customers, and other important stakeholders. A phone system uses different communication channels such as Voice over IP, ISDN or analog.

With the growing demand of consumers, increases the workload and operations in the workplace. Thus, it is vitally important that phone systems exist in your office, especially in the service business. There are mainly three types of business phone systems available out there. These are:

  • Cloud Phone System
  • Internet Protocol(IP) PBX
  • Legacy PBX

Choosing the right business phone system for your business can be a tough and confusing decision to make. You must look into all aspects of the available three options you have. It is also not necessary for all businesses to have the same phone system. What may be suitable for may not be the same for every other case.

This is why we are here to help you select the best communication means for your business catering to your needs. This article will help you to assess and judge between the three mobile phone systems. It will further differentiate their benefits and drawbacks, which will be suitable for you and other factors you need to consider.

Cloud Phone System For Office

First things first, let us start with the cloud phone system that considers the best in today’s generation. In a cloud business phone system, no hardware is required as all communication takes place through the means of internet. Nowadays, even maintaining software on a server is not required. You can purchase it from certain providers every month. This is a highly recommended system for your office. Our recommendation can be justified for various reasons.

The Number One Reason For Cloud Phone System: Super Easy!

A cloud-based business phone system is very easy to use and user-friendly. Users can connect using their personal devices such as tablets and mobile phones. It saves your time from running back and forth your desk phone and receiving calls. This also updates the features and functionality automatically without requiring any user intervention.  

It is not hindered by any location barrier as it can be operate from anywhere with a good internet connection. The communication costs of your office will substantially reduce after switching to a cloud-based PBX system. It also does not really require any installation; you can simply plug into the internet and start dialing.

The Second Reason Of Choosing Cloud Phone System: Scalability

It offers scope for scalability – as the business grows, the features can be adjusted. A cloud phone system is the most advanced, efficient and best telecommunication system in today’s world.

A decent cloud phone system can help your business establish multiple locations within the country, or even globally. The cloud elastic technology infrastructure allows the system grows with your business to grow. So basically it can go through with you to anywhere around the world, in other words, you can have someone work for you from the other side of the earth if you need.

The Third Reason Of Choosing Cloud Phone System: Security

The cloud offers more security on all sides. Telecommunications with cloud-based infrastructure is allowing the provider to do anything they need to do without impact any business. For example, the provider can have one database in the USA east coast, and the duplicate database on the west coast, these two databases can sync up with each other seamlessly. If there is one down, it will automatically switch over to another. This is the beauty of cloud-based infrastructure nowadays!

Reason Number Four. Get Rid of the Hardware

Cloud-based phone systems completely remove the burden of purchasing and maintaining a server for the service. Instead, the entire system is put onto the cloud, where the servers are kept up by our IT professionals. No more dedicating space to servers, no more paying for them to run (and for the cooling required to keep them running at their best), and no more worrying about the updates and upkeep. Instead, a cloud phone system gives you all the benefits of an internet-based phone system without the hardware hassle.

Number Five Is To Enjoy Lower Rates

At the end of the day, traditional phone systems are more expensive. They not only require more infrastructure, but they also have higher operating costs. The result is that you end up paying more for services that can be done over your existing internet connection, all for much lower rates. Everything from international calling rates to extra lines can be much more affordable on a cloud phone system. Plus, you can enjoy more features and more flexibility with a cloud-based system.

The Sixth Reason Of Choosing A Cloud Phone System

Flexibility is key in today’s business world, and your phone system should be able to change and grow with your success. With our cloud phone system, you will not be locked into a contract. Instead, we offer a number of versatile plans that keep you in control of your system and budget. So, if you need to add more lines, you can do it without needing to change or renew a contract. And if you want some of the extras to make your business even more efficient, you can add those without hassle.

Add-Ons and Extras is Number Seven To Go With Cloud Phone System

Cloud phone systems come with over 40 different add-ons, extras, and services already included, each of which can help your company run more effectively and efficiently. These also come with data and analytics that aren’t available on regular phones. Armed with extra data and features, you can make the most of your phone system without paying for every single little extra.

Last One! Number Right, All the Benefits on the Go

A cloud phone system does more than move your phones online, it can also move your business to anywhere. You can easily connect your smartphone to the system so that you can enjoy all of its benefits from anywhere with an internet connection. No longer are your phones tied to a physical location. Instead, the benefits can come with you.

Above all, the eight reasons you should go with the cutting edge telecom technology – the cloud phone system, so we suggest that if your business has scope for scalability and growth, and you are planning to amplify your business operations, you might want to consider a cloud phone system. If cost is not an important factor and you can find a fast, secure and reliable internet service provider, then thumbs up to this available option from our side!

Internet Protocol(IP) PBX

Compare with cloud phone system for your office is the Internet Protocol PBX or IP PBX. This is a better and evolved version of the traditional PBX phone systems with improved and added features. Here also, the internet protocol is the main medium through which communication is conduct. Some notable features of the internet protocol PBX system are ring groups, queues, digital receptionists, voicemail, call conferencing and reporting. Like a cloud phone system, this also requires passing of information via the internet.

To begin with the numerous advantages of an IP PBX system, this uses the existing LAN. The configuration and management of this phone system are also very easy and simple. Furthermore, with this phone system, you can find everything in one place as it combines converged data and voice networks.

Internet access, VoIP communications, and traditional telephone communications can all be done using only a single line to each user. This also applies to your data files and messages. Your messages from your Outlook inbox and even PDFs of your faxes will be stored in one integrated place.

The traditional PBX phone system also has a few limitations compared with the cloud phone system.

First of all, you need to consider the cost. As you have to purchase new hardware to install this mobile phone system in your office, there will be maintenance and installation costs.

Do not forget to collect the hardware warranty so that you do not spend more in case of problems with the device. Then again, you need to think if these costs are justify for your firm. If you are a small business with limited finance, we suggest you do not opt for this option. You also have to ensure good internet speed, bandwidth and smooth flow of connection at all times during office hours. Without a proper internet connection, the IP mobile phone system is not useful at all.

Now, Let’s Take A Look Of Legacy PBX

Legacy PBX is an old form of the PBX system. This is the method that companies had to use in earlier days when the mobile phone PBX system was first introduced. In this PBX system, there were proprietary phones and the phones could be re-used in a way with a different system.

With the use of a legacy PBX, users can inter-communicate within the organization and with people in the outer world. With this, you can enjoy the benefit of being able to have more phones than physical phone lines.  It will also allow you to make free calls among users. Despite being an old phone system, the control panel they operate with is user-friendly and easily manageable. It provides options to record calls, provide reports and track performance over a certain time. You can also make international calls using the internet.

Be Very Careful If You Still Trust Legacy PBX

However, with time and the evolvement in technology, these are slowly becoming obsolete. With the introduction of new and better options, organizations no longer prefer the legacy PBX phone system. There are also various limitations with this phone system.

Firstly, the user is either system-locked-in or vendor-locked-in. System-locked-in means that the users will be bound within the system. This is because changing systems will require them to change phones as well which is a very expensive procedure. This limitation by default takes us to the next limitation that is the vendor-lock-in.

Legacy phone systems are usable with systems from only the same vendor and within a limited range of systems. This will not let your firm run to its fullest capacity and productivity leaving less scope for scalability. Furthermore, in the long run, it can be more costly. As it runs by hardware, there will be maintenance and repair costs in case some parts are faulty. If you are lucky, you could just get the parts from eBay at a low rate! 

To make it clear to you, legacy PBX is not a good option. At some point or other, you will eventually have to get rid of it and find something better. Therefore, it is better not to waste your time and money on this. We would rather recommend the two PBX above mobile phone systems. 


To properly evaluate the three options in hand, you must investigate its performance in the fields of business ROI, expense and relocate. In case of return on investment, cloud phone system and IP PBX are profitable choices due to their low costs. In terms of expense, both cloud phone system and IP PBX are good options as legacy PBX has many costs attached to it.

If you are planning to relocate or expending to multiple offices, cloud phone system is the best option. You will not have to carry any hardware and need not worry about losing any data. You also need to know your business potential, plans, and the number of employees who will need to use the phone service.  For a perfect solution, you should go for the cloud phone system in your office premises. It can grow with your business growth and eliminate costs.

Cloud-based phone systems are changing the ways that companies do business. Combining the data and affordability of the internet with traditional phones, the right internet phone system can help your company cut costs and perform better. Contact GenVoice today to learn more about the many benefits of switching to cloud phone systems.