The Top 12 Best International Calling Apps

by Mar 14, 2019VOICE OVER IP

The Top 12 Best International Calling Apps

Are you still calling long distance and pay for a lot of money each month for you and your business? or you are still using a calling card to deal with it? never thought about the most efficient way of just download international calling apps to do it? If you deal with international clients, you can’t just choose any app on the market. You need one that lets you stay in touch with your customers without incurring huge fees.

If you’re on the hunt for a great international calling apps, this article is for you. In it, we’ll share 12 of our favorites. While not every app on this list is free, plenty of them are. The others are quite cheap.

1. Skype

One of the best-known calling apps for audio and video calls is Skype. It’s free to download and use. However, to make international calls, you will have to pay. Here’s a breakdown of the fees:

  • For subscribers in the United States, you get unlimited minutes on landline and mobile to international callers for $2.99 a month
  • Subscribers in North America, you get the same for $6.99 a month
  • For world subscribers, you get the same features but for $13.99 a month

You can try any of the first two packages for 30 days without paying. That should help you make a judgment call on whether Skype is a good fit for your company.

If you do decide to pay, Skype accepts payments from worldwide vendors. The app is also compatible with Xbox (yes, the video game console), Android devices, iPads, iPhones, and OSX and Windows computers. That gives you the freedom you make and receive calls no matter where you are.

2. Google Voice

Another app with a huge reputation is Google Voice. Founded in 2009, you don’t have to pay for Google Voice. International fees may be tacked on to some calls, so always check before you dial.

To use the service, you only need a Google account. Then you get your own dedicated Google Voice phone number. Besides making and receiving calls, here’s what else you can do on this calling apps:

  • Check call history logs
  • Set up conference calls
  • Screen calls
  • Block calls
  • Request voicemail transcriptions as a text
  • Forward calls
  • Receive and check voicemails
  • Send and receive text messages

Google Voice syncs with services like Google Talk and Google+ Hangouts. With Talk, you can send instant messages and have your texts read to you aloud. On Hangouts, you can do video conferencing with several parties.

The only downside to Google Voice is you cannot use the service if you’re based in Canada. You can receive calls, texts, and the like, but you can’t return them.

3. PingMe

PingMe uses Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud as the backbone of their service. This allows them to offer their customers cheap calls almost anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and then you can reach any of PingMe’s deployed servers, which are located all over the world.

Here are the rates:

  • Philippines – 22 cents a minute
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) –28.9 cents a minute
  • Nigeria – 18 cents a minute
  • China –2 cents a minute
  • Bangladesh –5 cents a minute
  • Canada – 0.75 cents a minute
  • The US – 0.85 cents a minute
  • India – 0.21 cents a minute

PingMe is available for Android on the Google Play Store. In the future, you should be able to get the app from the Amazon Appstore and the Apple App Store.

4. WePhone

One VoIP service worth considering for your company is WePhone. The premise of this app is like PingMe. You rely on fast Internet (either 3G, 4G, or ideally, Wi-Fi) to contact people in over 200 countries.

According to WePhone, the service has more than 20 million users as of this writing. While it is mostly free, that depends on who you call. Here are some rates for popular parts of the world:

  • Egypt – the standard rate is 9.9 cents a minute and the premium rate is 15 cents a minute
  • Canada – the standard rate is 0.65+ cents a minute and the premium rate is 0.75 cents a minute
  • China – the standard rate is 1.9 cents a minute and the premium rate is 2.35 cents a minute
  • India – the standard rate is 2.25 cents a minute
  • The US – the standard rate is between 0.55 cents to 12 cents a minute and the premium rate is between 0.75 cents to 13.16 cents a minute

When you register your email address or phone number with WePhone, this becomes your identity. That identity lets you use the service to make calls. In that regard, it’s not too different from Google Voice.

You can get WePhone credits for cheap if you want to call a landline number. These credits are good for contacting numbers that don’t use WePhone. They don’t expire, either.

A premium line is also offered for customers. Although it’s more expensive, the calls are higher-quality and more stable.

5. Rebtel

For a flat monthly fee of $10, you can reach 53 countries by phone with Rebtel. Landline and mobile calls are supported.

Unlike some of the other services we’ve listed, Rebtel does not require an Internet connection to work. This should eliminate the risk of call dropping and a connection that’s in and out.

To take advantage of Rebtel’s services, you must join Rebtel Global Unlimited. This is their international calling service. As mentioned, 53 countries are currently supported with more on the way. Some places you can call are:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • The UK
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • China
  • Canada
  • Puerto Rico
  • Argentina

If you’re interested in giving Rebtel a try, they offer free seven-day trials. Once you do subscribe to their service, you may cancel when you want (if you want).

6. BOSS Revolution

Are you ready to join the BOSS Revolution Club?

This phone service includes international money transfering and calling. If you do become part of the club, for your first international call, you get a $1 that can be used towards future calls.

Are you curious how much you’ll spend when dialing internationally? For most countries, under BOSS’ calling plan, it’s $5 a month. Otherwise, the rates can vary from country to country. Currently, more than 40 countries are accessible if you’re in the BOSS Revolution Club.

Did a friend or loved one run out of minutes? With BOSS Revolution’s international mobile top-ups, you can put money towards replenishing their minutes. You can also pay all your phone bills on BOSS’ website, which is convenient.

7. Dingtone

With call support around the world, Dingtone could be just what your company is looking for. Not only can you call internationally, but you can text, too.

Dingtone says that calling others within the network is always free, including calls outside of your home country. Otherwise, here’s what you’d pay to chat:

  • South Africa – 2.55 cents a minute
  • Turkey – 3.7 cents a minute
  • Indonesia – 4.9 cents a minute
  • Japan – 2.6 cents a minute
  • Russia – 3.2 cents a minute
  • Brazil – 1.35 cents a minute
  • Germany – 0.9 cents a minute
  • Italy – 0.9 cents a minute
  • France – 0.9 cents a minute
  • The UK – 1 cent a minute
  • China – 0.8 cents a minute
  • Mexico – 0.9 cents a minute
  • India – 2 cents a minute
  • The US – 0.9 cents a minute

You can buy Dingtone credits right through the website. For 500 credits (and 50 bonus ones), it’s $9.99. If you want 1,000 credits (and 100 bonus ones), it’s $18.99. Finally, for the max amount of credits, 5,000 (with 500 bonus credits), you’d pay $93.99.

If you don’t already have a phone number, you can get one through Dingtone. These numbers can be based out of the US, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, the UK, and more. Having your own number lets you receive voicemails, forward calls, block calls, and enjoy caller ID.

Dingtone is available on Apple and Android devices like phones and tablets.

8. TextNow

Although it sells phones, TextNow also gives you the freedom to call many parts of the world. That’s the service we’ll focus on.

TextNow is free to download and use. It’s available on Windows computers and most smartphones and tablets.

Once you get your app up and running, you can begin calling internationally. The rates vary. In some parts of the world, like the UK and Mexico, the calls are free. In India, it’s 1.8 cents a minute. If you call China, you’d spend 2.2 cents a minute. If you want to make local calls, like those to Canada or the US, this never costs you a thing.

Are you the type who prefers a monthly calling plan? For unlimited texts and calls to Canada and the US, plans are $9.99 a month. All TextNow plans are covered under a warranty good for a year. You also get a guarantee good for 30 days where you can get your money back.

If you use the Wi-Fi version of the app, you can get your own phone number for free. You would have to pay for a plan to use the number, though.

9. TextMe

Another call app you might try is TextMe. This service lets you call and text to your heart’s content.

The TextMe app is available on the Amazon Appstore, the Apple App Store, and Google Play. To use it, the current phone number you have suffices. That said, you can add other numbers, such as international ones.

While it promotes its services mostly for Canada and the US, you can also use TextMe to call 40 other countries. The calling apps works on smartphones, tablets, and home or work computers.

You get a slew of features with your download. For instance, you can transfer Dropbox videos and pictures through text messages. You can also send video messages and voice messages. TextMe is free to use, even internationally.

10. TalkU

While you do get free texting and calling on TalkU, this app is interesting because you can use it as a walkie-talkie.

Once you download the app on your phone or tablet, you’ll get your own US-based phone number. This lets you dial and text your contacts immediately. Other features are call forwarding, call blocking, call screening, and visual voicemails. Also, your identity is always protected when making or receiving calls from your TalkU number.

With 30 million users and growing, TalkU is free unless you call internationally. You have credits you use per minute for these calls. In the UK and Mexico, it’s 1.1 credits a minute. In China and the US, you’d spend a credit a minute.

11. TouchCall

TouchCall gives its users the freedom to call more than 230 countries, which is extraordinary. There are some limitations to this calling app, though. For instance, you can only get it on Android devices via the Google Play Store.

Like some other apps of its kind, TouchCall relies on Wi-Fi. This VoIP service lets you make landline and mobile calls, although not always for free. While the website says global calls won’t cost you, you can buy credits. That implies you’ll pay something for these or other calls.

12. Call Free

Our final international calling apps recommendation is Call Free. This free app, which is available on the Google Play Store, is another VoIP service. You can make calls on 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. You can even do LTE calling, but this does chew into your monthly data plan.

If you don’t have a Canadian or US-based phone number, you can get one with Call Free. Call identification features tell you when you’re getting spam calls so you’re never caught off-guard.

While it’s free to call many users through Call Free, you can buy credits, which means you may be charged depending on who and where you dial.


If your company needs an international calling apps on the cheap, any of these 12 apps should suit your budget nicely. With some of them, you can even call across the world for free! Others cost cents a minute.

The next time your company dials up someone outside of the country, make sure you’re using one of these apps.