These days VoIP is the more popular form of a communication network for businesses large and small, with its cost benefits over traditional lines making it the savvy business choice. The more phones you have, the more using VoIP saves you, especially when it comes to dealing with international calls. However, what makes VoIP shine is SIP trunking support, by enhancing VoIP with features such as video and messaging data. SIP Trunk is a great feature to invest in and can help your business in many ways. How SIP Trunking Works SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and a SIP trunk provides a direct connection between your business locations and your internet telephone service provider (ITSP.) It allows you to VoIP extensions without the need for additional hardware for IP-PTSN gateways, so it is the cheaper option and easier to set up and expand. SIP trunking is used to both create and control communications for VoIP telephony and can be used for conferencing, instant messaging, multimedia, presence updates and other real-time services. SIP is enhanced by Real-Time Protocol to manage any voice inside of a VoIP call. Trunking is a form of circuit-switched telecommunication which has been used for 140 years almost, but with a SIP trunk, all the direct unbroken connections between two points in the telephony network are virtual rather than physical, making expansion far cheaper. This allows you to get rid of your hardware and extra wires attached to a phone service provider system and just used your network instead. With it now tied to your existing internet connection, you create a single point of entry to your entire communications system. Benefits of Choosing SIP Trunking for your Business There are several benefits for when you choose to use a SIP trunk protocol for the VoIP system of your business. Cutting the Cord – You no longer need a traditional phone network and can use your standard internet connection, which reduces costs. You no longer need extra hardware and upgrades required with conventional phone systems. Cost Savings – Without any hardware you save money when choosing a SIP trunk over other options, as well, long distance and international calls are no longer a problem for you, whether you call Paris or Tokyo, the costs are the same as a local call. No More Location Problems – Whether you are opening a new office or allowing your employees to telecommute, once they are connected to your network it is all one network so that a single phone number can be used for all your locations. No Travel Worries – Your SIP trunk can be used by smartphones on the go, so you can have out-of-office employees make calls just as if they are sitting in the office. Reliability – When physical phone networks go down, there is no alternative, but with a SIP trunk system your IT team can set up multiple failover plans in case of a network outage, and you don’t have to wait for some other company to come in to fix your systems. One Network – With everything on one network when you use a SIP Trunk, your communication network is much easier to manage, and you can increase your bandwidth and save money at the same time. The SIP Trunk Future If you are looking to save your business money while expanding the capabilities of your VoIP network or completely replace a wired phone system, then contact GenVoice today to prepare your business for the future with a SIP Trunk.