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Track every phone call efficiently and productively.

Track every phone call
efficiently and productively

From now on, GenVoice Cloud PBX will take your phone system to the next level. You can easily SEE every call and MANAGE your entire phone system on our visualized control panel through a few clicks. Also, GenVoice can seamlessly collaborate with Slack, Stride, Asana, and other CRM, ERP and helpdesk systems to track and improve your calls productivity. More efficient and simpler than ever.

GenVoice Smart plan, cut your bill


Per Company

One free phone number
Pay as you use
Over 40 features for free

This smart plan covers your entire company, regardless how many users or extensions you have, or where your phones are located. GenVoice smart monthly plan will start as low as $9.99/month, then automatically adjust the proper monthly plan to your usage. There is NO long-distance fee in North America and No long-term contract. Even the international calling rate is so competitive to let you call without any concern. So, the more you use, the more you can save!

The Perfect Business Phone System for Toronto

The modern business needs a phone for the modern times. Rather than relying on old systems with their limited options and reliance on cables and wiring, more and more businesses are turning to PBX phone systems for their internal communications. Not only does a PBX phone system offer a modern internal solution for your business, it does so with more features and at a far better cost.
As a hosted PBX reseller, GenVoice offers your business a wide variety of phone systems that will help your company succeed. It is all hosted on the cloud, meaning that your entire internal phone network connects through the internet on a server that’s maintained and hosted elsewhere. This saves you from housing an expensive server in-house and means you won’t have to go through the hassle of maintaining it on your own. Instead, we will take care of the IT so you can focus on what you do best.

The Perfect Business Phone System for Toronto

Enjoy more than 40 mighty features for free

Besides these features, we have robust capabilities to develop new customized features for you

Unlimited Extensions

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Application Integration

Administration Portal

Unlimited Conference Rooms

Call Transfer

Call Forwarding

Call Logs

Call Notification

Call Queues

Ring Group

Call Waiting

Auto Attendant

IVR Nodes

Caller ID Display


Address Book

Real-time HTTP Callbacks

Low International Calling Rate

Global Numbers

Virtual Call Center

Skill based Routing



Looking for more features? See them all

Music on Hold

Personal Greeting


Voicemail to Email

PBX DirectoryDial By Name

Call Parking

Call Hunting

Call analytics

Free Intra-Domain Calls

Call Monitoring

Call Recording

Webhooks and API

Blacklist Numbers

Click to Dial


Number Porting

Local Numbers

Toll Free Numbers

Business Hours

CRM Integrations

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