The right call center system can make or break your customer service reputation, how you contact the right people and, ultimately, your entire business. Choosing the wrong one can mean spending too much money on something that you may not need or doesn’t function properly for your strategy. If you are looking for a new call center system, these are a few key considerations to help you find the right system for you and your business.

1. Purpose

Probably the first thing you need to consider for your new call center system is its purpose. Will it be primarily to call people or will people be calling you? What kind of calls will you be taking? For example, is it mostly billing, where security is paramount, or support, where connection stability plays a key role? Figuring out why you need the system will help you eliminate some of the many options available so you can focus on finding one that suits your specific needs.

2. Volume

How many calls you are expecting is key to choosing your next call center system. If your system cannot handle the volume, or cannot scale up to your future demands, then it simply will not be sufficient for your needs. Volume is also directly tied to cost as taking more calls often means more lines and, consequently, will end up costing you more. Thankfully, internet-based call center systems can often scale up rapidly without a significant increase in cost or decrease in quality of service. This is key for many modern call centers.

3. Location

As any call center understands, geography plays a significant role in effectiveness. This is because of international calling rates but also the time zones of your callers and/or people you are trying to reach. That, in turn, affects your workers, when they come in and when they leave, which can also affect operating costs. Your call center system should help you maximize your effectiveness without costing extra, which is why you need to think about your location.

With the right call center system, you can make sure that your customers or potential contacts are getting the best service while also keeping your costs low. Many call centers choose an internet-based call center system precisely because it can offer significantly lower long distance rates while offering extras and add-ons to help with your overall responsiveness and effectiveness. Considering your long distance rates and required options based on geography is critical for choosing your next call center system, and thinking about your company’s future.

The trick to finding the right call center system is to understand your needs right now and how they can change in the future. With the right system, you can expand your business and improve relationships with key people, including customers and stakeholders. GenVoice’s internet-based call center systems have multiple options and extras that can take your call center to the next level, all while saving you money at the same time.