Phones are an absolutely essential aspect of the modern hotel, but that doesn’t mean they need to rely on the traditional technology. In fact, more and more hotels are turning to internet hotel phone systems, specifically cloud-based systems, to increase their profit margins and offer better experiences for their guests.

A cloud-based hotel phone system takes your entire phone system and puts it onto the cloud, giving you the many benefits of an internet-based phone system without needing the usual servers and hardware associated with internet phones. Overall, you can take advantage of the many add-ons and extras that are available for internet phones, giving your hotel guests more while keeping your own costs lower. The result: better ratings and better profits for your hotel. Here are three ways hotel owners are increasing their profits with cloud-based hotel phone systems.

1. Lower Your Costs

The easiest and most apparent way to increase your profits is by lowering your costs. A cloud-based hotel phone system lets you cut your phone bill dramatically without sacrificing your service, which means you can increase your profits simply by making the switch. And thanks to contract-free pricing, you can get a system that’s the right size, that can grow with your business, and that doesn’t lock you into a contract.

2. Offer Better Calling Rates

Hotels are in the business of being connected to the rest of the world. They host so many people from around the world that they need to offer their guests an option to communicate with people across oceans and continents. While many traditional phone companies can offer great deals on international calling, the rates with your cloud-based hotel phone system will be much more affordable. With lower rates, you can charge less while still maintaining fantastic margins, so your guests will be happy with the new rates and you will still be making money.

3. A Business Centre that Guests will Love

Attracting regular professional clients is often key to any hotel’s success. Rather than relying on one-off vacationers who, at best, will return a couple of times per year, you can actually attract more sustainable and reliable income by courting the professional guest. These guests are very different, often requiring a space where they can get work done while they are out on the road. Thanks to the lower rates offered by a cloud-based hotel phone system, enjoy many of the benefits of regular phone lines without the usual costs associated with them. This includes many of the things that guests often need from a business centre.

Thanks to a robust hotel phone system, you can actually offer your professional guests a business centre that they will love at rates that are better than those offered by a regular phone service. The result: a better deal for those regular clients and a more consistent guest base for your business.

Increasing your profits is easy with a cloud-based hotel phone system. Contact GenVoice today to learn more about how you can increase your profits with a new hotel phone system.