Project Details

August 8, 2018
YesUp Hosting

Project Description

YesUp Host is the proud owner of a 40,000 square foot data centre in Toronto, and it guarantees it’s clients 99.9 per cent uptime with 64 dedicated services. Fast connections, outstanding 24/7 security protocols, and backup generators ensure that YesUp clients feel very secure that their data is in excellent hands. With the capacity to add 50,000 more servers to their facility, it’s clear that YesUp is a company that is growing and thriving.

YesUp had one issue, however. The data center was extremely tech-forward, but its land-based phone system was not. The company needed a phone system that was on par with the services the company offered to clients: fast, reliable, accessible, secure, modern, and resulting in significant cost savings.

GenVoice was the provider of choice for YesUp Host’s phone service needs. We installed a scalable cloud-based phone solution that maximized their call center ability and easily organized their massive influx of in- and outbound calls. Tons of extra free features enable YesUp executives to access the phone system across different platforms, and the addition of apps and tools boost productivity on all levels.

We are pleased to help innovative companies like YesUp succeed with technological solutions that keep them on the leading edge of the data service industry.

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