Introducing A Pure Cloud-Based Business Phone System

The Business Phone System That Just Works For You For Only $9.99/User/Month 

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Cloud-Based Business Phone System Features, Essentials

This list below shows the essential business phone system features, from legacy PBX system to cutting edge cloud-based business phone system, because these features are important and mandatory for any business, so make sure you have these features enabled for your system.


Unlimited extensions for either departments or persons. There is no longer a license issue with limited extensions.


The administration portal will allow you to fully manage the phone system and monitor all call statistics.


You will be able to transfer existing phone calls to different phones, departments or a specific person’s cell phone.


Forward calls to salesperson’s mobile number so that they can take care of customers even when away from the desk.


Put calls on another line while accepting other calls. Eliminate dropped calls and frustration with calls not coming through.


A great way to distribute incoming calls for specific departments or teams in the business.

Limited Time Promotion. Getting To Know GenVoice Telecom.

All Plan Comes With Great Free Features!

  • 40+ Call Features
  • User & Administration
  • Slack Integration
  • Social Caller ID PC or Mac
  • Click to Dial with Google Chrome
  • iOS & Android Mobile App

Additional Charges if Applicable

  • $5/Month For Conference Bridge
  • 2¢/Minute For Conference Usage
  • $5/User/Month For Call Recording
  • $10/Month For eFax(unlimited send and receive)

Local Phone Numbers:

  • $5 For Additional Local Phone Numbers
  • $20 For Local Number Port(each time)

Toll-Free Phone Numbers:(1-800-Number)

  • $10 For Additional Toll-Free Phone Number
  • 3¢/Minute For Toll-Free Usage
  • $30 For Toll-Free Number Port(each time)

The Perfect Business Phone System That Just Works

The modern business needs a phone system for modern times. So that GenVoice offers your business a truly cloud-based business phone system that will help your company succeed. Because it is pure in the cloud, so it means more stability, scalability, security and the most important is, cost efficient!

out of the box solution

A pure cloud-based business phone system just designed for your company!

easy to connect

Connect the phone set to the internet and start talking, or just using the mobile app, simple like cool

World-Class Productivity

GenVoice Cloud-based business phone system will take your business to the next level. Because you can easily see every phone call made in your organization and manage the entire system on your fingertips. And also, the system can seamlessly integrate with Slack, Stride, Asana, and other CRM, helpdesk systems to track and improve your calls productivity. More efficient and simpler than ever.


Security is the highest priority with GenVoice. Customer’s privacy is always protected with no sacrifices! 


With GenVoice, we run our services over Tire 1 cloud infrastructures, so we ensure 99.999% uptime at all time!


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