Project Details

August 8, 2018

Project Description

As one of the leading food delivery platform, FoodHWY urgently needed a customized solution for their order, customer service and delivering platforms. Learn how GenVoice customized cloud PBX and API solution help FoodHWY seize every touching point as an essential opportunity to build a consistent and professional image.

As the management of FoodHWY had two conversations with GenVoice about their specific needs, they decided to step into the cloud communication era with robust API integration.

Firstly, for their order and customer service system, the designed front desk system and queue system ensure that there will be no missing call anymore. In addition, they can unlimitedly add free extensions and flexible remote them anywhere, so it is a win-win solution for freeing more time for agents and saving the budgets for the company. Also, the new systems can integrate with their CRM system, which means before their customers’ calls popped up, the profiles of customers, like their delivering addresses, will be shown to improve efficiency and customer service.

Furthermore, for their delivering system, FoodHWY can set auto reminding voice by phone calls before the delivery people arrive.

Thirdly, the new text API let them ask and answer questions fastly and efficiently.

All in all, after FoodHWY employed GenVoice’s solution, they not save big and boost efficiency but also build a better image and unblock possibility for the future.

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