You Are Here Because You Need A Phone Number To Represent Your Business. We Are Here Because We Offer Phone Numbers and Forwarding Services.

You Need A Stunning Business Phone Number For Your Clients To Connect With You! We Understand That.

So Now, Here Is Our Offer To You A 14-Days Free Trail With A Stunning Phone Number And Forwarding Service.

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What A Business Phone Number Can Do For You?

Can you imagine a successful business without a phone number? And can you imagine how important a business phone number nowadays?
Here are some tips…

Multiple Phone Numbers

One number for sales, one number for support. And tracking performances through GenVoice admin web-portal  

Greetings For Clients

A warm greeting always make your customer happy and make your business tone professional!

Always Local Phone Number

Providing a local business phone number can make your customer feel safe because you are always around them.

Toll-Free Number

Business in multiple locations, so you must have a unified toll-free number for your customer always reach you!

Vanity Phone Number

Not only for vanity but also always make your customer easier memorize you and your business can solve problems.

14-Days Absolutely Free

Try it before buy it. We are always improving our service to serve our customer better in many ways!

About GenVoice

GenVoice is a telecommunications company with one goal – to simplify communications for your business. We offer a wide range of cloud communication services including business phone system (PBX), call center, and open API (programmable SMS/MMS, Sip Trunking and etc..) that use modern, state of the art technology to provide reliable means of communication, at a very affordable price.

GenVioce leverage the latest technologies, partnering with Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. To provide more secure and reliable telecom transmission services to small to medium-sized business. and also serving global long distance calling customers.

With GenVoice, Customer is always the number one priority!


Phone Numbers


Absolutely Free For 14-Days

We won’t require your credit card information and we don’t even need you to register with us. Just try our service, if you like it, you pay only $9.99/month after the trial period. 

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Answers to Your Questions

Why you could sell phone numbers?

GenVoice is registered telecom company in USA and Canada, so we are authorized to sell phone numbers to either consumers and businesses.

Can I transfer calls to my cell phone?

Absolutely, once you have a new phone number set up, you could configure it with yourself. whether you want to transfer to your cell phone number or a home phone number. 

Can I have a voicemail?

Yes! You can have a voicemail set up, so basically, your customer calls in, and you could use a greeting message tell them that you are busy at the moment and ask them to leave a voice mail. the voice mail will send over to your email inbox after they recorded by an mp3 file.

How much will you charge after the trial?

We are a for-profit business, so we need to make money as well, but we are always bringing value to our customer. the 14-days trial is for you to understand what we are offering and how easy you could get a phone number for your business nowadays. and the phone number and forwarding service will be absolutely free during the trial period. if you don’t like us after that, just turn around. But we are hoping that you love our service and we will only charge CAD$9.99/month/number after the trial period. you will get unlimited calls, unlimited voicemails, etc. please refer to the pricing table above.

Is the service stable? Will I lose calls?

The telecom service is on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Service, try to think these ways, when was the last time you are having a problem with YouTube? The Voice calls are much smaller than video streams. so if you trust Google and Amazon, You could give us a try.


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